Christine Oakes

Master Trainer and Yoga Instructor

Christine’s love of fitness started at a very young age. She always enjoyed being active & playing outside as a kid. Throughout her teenage years, you could find her involved in team sports like softball, cheerleading & volleyball. Being healthy & fit was something she always craved.

In her early 20’s, Christine discovered strength training & began working out as a lifestyle. Combined with her passion of wanting to help people, this lead to a career change into personal training. Her clients describe her workouts as fun, creative & effective.

Having trained over thousands of sessions, you can be assured that Christine will be focused on you to get you to your goals. Today, Christine runs a successful health & wellness business offering personal training, bootcamp, yoga, self-massage, nutrition programs, is the author of “Reshape Your Health: A beginner’s guide to getting fit with NO money, muscles or motivation” & is considered to be one of Silicon Valley’s leading fitness professionals.

Personal Training with Christine Oakes